Account-based sales
Identify and target accounts effortlessly
Have your revenue teams collaboratively go after high-value accounts with speed and precision.
Target your dream accounts

Whether by industry, headcount, location, changes in management, or something more specific, you can request contacts from the most relevant accounts in your market with a few clicks.

You can also provide a list of your targeted accounts where key personas can be sourced.

Our teams will then source the relevant data and provide it to you for approval.

Add lists of your tier 1 accounts and get every relevant contact in them with up to date information.

Target counterparts of your users in other regions of your multi-national accounts to create cross selling and upselling opportunities.

Specify targeting criteria and build lists of top 100 of every key vertical or region in your TAM.

Identify and target each stakeholder in your target account’s buying committee with right messaging.

Set up multiple threads with different stakeholders in the buying committee to progress your deal from multiple angles.

By having multiple stakeholders engaged, you can better control the sales cycle and avoid being ghosted.

Accelerate your sales cycle

With hubsell you can get key stakeholders from your target accounts and reach out to them with personalised messaging to set up meetings.

You can run simultaneous and parallel campaigns with varied messaging for each contact in the same company.

Get ahead of your sales cycle by starting multiple threads with key stakeholders without having to wait for introductions.

Iterate your outreach approach

Check your performance at the template, campaign and even segment level to find out what works well and what is wasting your time.

Spot best practices inside your team by keeping track of how each of your team members are generating opportunities.

Iterate your message copy through A/B testing and perfect it over time.

Some of your contacts will respond on email, others on LinkedIn, and some will even need a call from you. With hubsell you can target them via all three.

Each stakeholder in the buying committee has their own priorities. Test and create the right  message for the right persona.

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