hubsell campaigns
Opportunity generation on autopilot
Build pipeline through multichannel outreach automation, and increase engagement with personalised messaging – at scale.
It’s time to evolve from manual outreach
Lighten the load of manually writing emails, following up prospects, and updating the CRM. Our outreach software gives you a scalable and personal way of generating more engagement, to more prospects, with less effort.

Create and launch multichannel campaigns that automate follow-ups based on your prospects’ previous behaviour. 

Execute outreach on email, phone, LinkedIn, and more from one dashboard. So you can be sure you’re using the best channel and never again miss another follow up.

Get the lowdown on all your campaign metrics (such as opens, replies, next stage, referrals, etc) and a graph point analysis to show you how well each of your campaigns has performed.


Go beyond static placeholders like first name, company name and job title. Our dynamic placeholders automate one-on-one personalised messaging using each prospect’s seniority, department, tenure, and much more.


Efficiently manage and preview all leads at one glance. Spot priority leads with ease and schedule follow ups without hassle.

Automation that feels as personal as a hand-written note. Our templates are designed using if-this-then-that technology such that your message looks completely unique and genuine to your prospects resulting in higher open, reply and engagement rates.

Empower your team. Embrace your prospects.
Supercharge your prospecting activities by keeping your personality from manual outreach while gaining the power of automation.
Elevate your outreach to the next level
Go beyond traditional outreach and get the best possible results from your campaigns with more advanced features.
Optimise your campaign’s performance by split testing subject lines or entire messages however you want. Whether you want to split 50/50 or 39/61 – it’s your choice.

Set up branded links for your domain to maximise email deliverability with customised tracking to get insights on prospect behaviour such as the number of page visits, time spent on a page and more.

Uncover engagement of your prospect on all crucial metrics such as clicks, opens, visits on landing pages and time spent on landing pages to know what is working and what is not.

Seamlessly sync data from hubsell with your CRM. Let our integrations update all communications and any changes straight to your CRM – keeping total uniformity across all your systems.

hubsell provides you with the possibility to connect your mailbox to our platform and keep data up to date with a simple click.

Connect with your social media accounts and power up your CRM by executing outreach on multiple channels from one dashboard.

Streamline sales with outreach integrations
Free up more time for your team by connecting hubsell with your CRM, social media platforms and website. Our integrations help you and your team to automate all your manual processes, letting you focus on generating more sales opportunities.

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