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Redefining B2B data through Data Processing as a Service
Data relevance, freshness and accuracy you can only get with Data Processing as a Service (DPaas). Through DPaaS, you get the exact data you want, when you want it.
Save your team valuable time and resources. Your data will be processed on-demand and according to your criteria – guaranteeing fresh data that’s delivered directly to your CRM.

Auto enrich your legacy CRM data by connecting hubsell with your CRM data. Get real time updates to your CRM, ensuring complete uniformity of data always.

We provide highest quality data to our customers, while keeping them adherent to the GDPR regulations.

Data Processing as a Service: B2B data you and your team will thrive on
There’s no compromising between data quality and data quantity – with DPaaS, you can have both. Using a mix of trained analysts and proprietary technologies, DPaaS offers data accuracy and relevancy unmatched in the industry.
High-quality data makes for high-quality conversations
Clean. Structured. And validated for you. Our data quality provides the reliability and confidence you need to execute your revenue strategy and hit your targets. Every time.
Go-to-market with data that has undergone rigorous data validation processes. DPaaS ensures your data is enriched, structured and human-validated to meet your specific needs.

Achieve high market coverage across any vertical and region with near 100% relevance, accuracy and validity. Then fuel your campaigns with the contacts you approve, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Get contacts that are curated, enriched and validated in near real time just for you with more than 95% accuracy, ensuring negligible bounce rates.

With more capabilities than a database vendor – DPaaS gives you the potential of getting a limitless supply of contacts from across the entire web. Empowering your team with the greatest opportunity for generating revenue.

Get thousands of contacts every day based on your ICP so your outreach is hyper-focused and targeted.

Get contacts with 25+ variables ranging from the simple label data (e.g. title) to more meaningful categorical data (e.g. seniority) allowing high levels of personalisation and analysis.

More data, more opportunities, more deals
It’s never been easier to control the flow of B2B data for your team. DPaaS gives you the power to get as much data as you need, helping you scale the way you build pipeline.
Integrate your data with your tools
Rid your team of time-consuming administrative tasks and spend time on matters – generating revenue. Our integrations allow you to seamlessly sync your everyday tools with hubsell, bringing all your outreach to one platform.

Stay in control of your data by connecting hubsell with your CRM. Your team can focus on their core tasks knowing that our system will send real time updates to your CRM automatically.

Achieve the key differentiation of sequential one-on-one messages across channels by connecting hubsell with your social media accounts.

Pair your conventional website insights with hubsell intelligence to scoop detailed intent data on your website visitors (such as clicks, opens, time spent on a page etc) and speed up your pipeline.

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