CRM Enrichment
Enrich and update your CRM database
Keep your CRM database up to date with accurate, complete and human checked information.
Update your CRM contacts

Your contacts change their role, their employer and even their industry. So how do you stay on top of each of your contacts while your CRM database is growing?

With a simple sync between your CRM and hubsell, you can trigger bulk enrichment for your chosen contacts and accounts.

Our teams will add data points and even provide lists of contacts that have moved on to other companies.

In addition to list enrichment, you can trigger a data push from your CRM into hubsell to enrich and complete data points of your contacts and accounts.

Your CRM holds data from various sources and not all will be of the same quality, completion and validity. Bring all your data to the same level with hubsell.

CRM data ages like milk due to changes in your targeted accounts such as employee turnover, rapid hiring, internal promotions and many other reasons.

Use the enhanced information you have on your prospects to craft engaging conversations using our basho templates and always be relevant without doing the extra legwork.

Complete CRM data ensures time-sensitive scoops on your prospects such as funding events, technographic data and intent data that can help drive meaningful conversations.

Don’t let hundreds of contacts daunt you. Use our multi-channel templates to achieve personalised high impact messaging for each and every prospect. Then keep them on track with proven follow-up steps that maximise lead conversion.

Deliver personalised copy

Relevant and personalised copy is a key factor in campaign performance. Personalisation leads to higher email deliverability, LinkedIn connection acceptance, and likelihood of getting a reply.

Without complete or up to date data points about your target contacts and accounts you will be very limited in the how well or how much you can personalise. 

Get your CRM data updated today with our 0-day refreshment software.

Increase CRO of web forms
Convert more website visitors into leads by reducing the number of fields in your web forms. And use Data Processing as a Service (DPaaS) to enrich these contacts in your CRM.

Say goodbye to long web forms and experience higher than ever conversion rates. Append your inbound leads with accurate and complete information including crucial demographic and firmographic data which is not included in your webforms.

Verify customer data with our multilevel data verification systems and gain access to only the most accurate and up-to-date B2B contact and company data. Ensure your CRM data stays current and fresh as can be.

Make your data action-ready with standardisation, deduplication, normalisation, segmentation and more through an elaborate data orchestration and spotlight your most promising prospects.

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