Francesca Zadra
greatcontent AG

greatcontent generated at least 4.0% SQLs and 9.9% MQLs and at the same time increased the average revenue generated by selecting the highest paying prospects.

Francesca Zadra, Head of International Marketing at greatcontent AG


companies per month


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sql rate


mql rate

target market

Senior-Level decision makers from SEO, Content Marketing, E-commerce and Marketing departments.


Optimise sales efforts by focusing sales team on having dialogues with prospective clients instead of looking for new prospects and reaching out to them to set up calls. Main goal of collaboration with hubsell is to generate appointments to have with decision-makers.

greatcontent is an online platform which provides unique and optimised web content for thousands of clients. greatcontent produces SEO texts and guaranteed unique content for your website.

As one of the market’s leading text providers, greatcontent’s unique content ensures your site will become a prime destination for internet search users looking for your company’s products or services. greatcontent offers its services in 18 different languages.

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Rachel Chan
Digital Marketing Team Lead

I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team

Dan Gildoni

hubsell and placense collaboration resulted in creating sales and supplier pipelines with thought leaders from leading companies with great speed and amazing conversion.

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets