Dan Gildoni

hubsell and placense collaboration resulted in creating sales and supplier pipelines with thought leaders from leading companies with great speed and amazing conversion.

Dan Gildoni, CEO at placense


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CxO’s, directors and departmental heads across the board in retail, supermarkets, restaurant and out-of-home marketing services companies.


Testing product market fit and entering new markets to find champion customers. Additionally, supplier acquisition to expand data sources is executed via hubsell as well.

Placense is a corporate venture of the innogy Innovation Hub. Placense provides granular, real-time customer behaviour data without installing sensors, new apps, or sending out laborious surveys. Placense’s customers are businesses heavily relying on foot traffic such as supermarkets, restaurants, out of home marketing companies and most other brick and mortar businesses.

hubsell and placense collaboration resulted in creating a sales pipeline with thought leaders from leading companies in an unprecedented speed and amazing conversion. Additionally, Placense also resulted in generating supplier side pipeline which helped them quickly scale on both side of the value chain.

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Rachel Chan
Digital Marketing Team Lead

I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team

greatcontent AG
Francesca Zadra
Head of International Marketing

greatcontent generated at least 4.0% SQLs and 9.9% MQLs and at the same time increased the average revenue generated by selecting the highest paying prospects.

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets