Seven B2B lead generation channels to boost your growth

byGuido Croce

A lot of B2B companies generate leads through a single channel, which is usually their favourite or most ROI intensive channel. Unfortunately, the market is always changing which may impact the efficiency of that channel.

So, in this post, I will be discussing seven B2B lead generation channels which you can explore. Those will allow you to diversify your approach and increase revenue growth.

Before I get into each channel, here is a list of them for reference:

  • invest in cold email outreach
  • explore social media outreach and ads
  • implement referral incentives
  • create thought leadership through Quora answers
  • experiment with physical letters
  • book speaking engagements and event booths
  • tap into investors’ networks

Invest in cold email outreach

In cold email outreach, you send targeted emails to find ideal prospects interested in your product. The strategy is powerful because you quickly find sales-ready leads.

Tip: Well written personalised subject lines and emails are effective at getting replies. You can automate the process through an outreach tool.

How to get started

  1. choose an email tool in the marketplace with the right features
  2. write dynamic templates based on successful campaigns
  3. gather qualitative contact data on your target prospects
  4. reach out and profit

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Explore social media outreach and ads

In social selling, you start conversations with prospects by sending connection requests or messages. My prediction is that social selling will keep rising in popularity in 2019. It is effective in B2B due to social platforms’ innate networking nature. Especially the platforms geared towards professionals.

Helpful content advertisements showcasing knowledge in your industry are also a powerful tool. They help warm up your cold prospects before you reach out, making the recipient more inclined to visit your website because they have heard of you.

Tip: Choose one social media channel that you think would be ideal for your business.

How to get started

  1. choose a tool for automated social outreach
  2. write dynamic messages that tailor to the recipient
  3. gather quality data on prospects
  4. reach out and reap the rewards

Implement referral incentives

Referrals are recommendations of your product that your customers make to their peers. They work because salespeople trust the word of a friend and fellow business professional over that of a stranger.

Tip: To encourage a referral, incorporate a reward. That could be a discount, a testimonial on their website or more dedicated time in customer success.

How to get started

  1. have a sticky solution to a common problem
  2. create a reward program for your referring customers
  3. reach out to your customers to remind them of the perks
  4. witness new leads coming in as referrals

Create thought leadership through Quora answers

Another valuable strategy is answering questions on Quora. You show your knowledge by helping potential leads solve problems or get answers. Impressed by your industry savvy, prospects might look up your company. That results in direct traffic to your website which can be identified by a reverse IP lookup tool.

Tip: Find questions that are relevant to your industry that have the closest ratio of one answer to seven followers as possible.

How to get started

  1. make a list of relevant questions to answer on Quora
  2. post in-depth helpful answers with practical advice
  3. retarget new visitors through direct messages or advertising
  4. scale the question answering and reap the rewards

Experiment with physical letters

Sending a targeted letter to a company inquiring about a potential fit is another lead generation channel. It can make for a memorable first impression. A letter might not result in an immediate reply, but if the prospect happens to need a solution in the future, then they will think of yours first.

Tip: There are companies that automate the process of sending letters so that you do not have to do it manually. You input the message, and they will print and send the letter for a fee.

How to get started

  1. gather quality contact data on prospects
  2. partner with a reliable correspondence automation company
  3. scale the venture if it works in your industry

Book speaking engagements and event booths

Participating in live events is another powerful lead generation method. There are two types of live events:

  • speaking engagements
  • booth expositions

Speaking engagements allow you to show your industry knowledge and spike the curiosity of attendees (prospects) about your product. Booth expositions are also effective at showcasing your product, especially if you are in a prime location in the event.

Tip: In live events, the real value is in the attendees’ list, which enables you to prospect beforehand. The weeks leading up to the conference, attendees are looking forward to the event and getting in the mood to connect with people. A well-worded message asking for a meeting often gets a reply.

How to get started

  1. sign up to events relevant to your industry
  2. gather data on the prospects attending the conference
  3. outreach beforehand to request meetings
  4. meet up and schedule demos with interested parties
  5. make use of the live event to make connections

Benefit from investors’ networks

Another powerful strategy is to get deals through investors’ extended networks. Investors can be a catalyst for the growth of your company in two ways:

  • they can vouch for your expertise and quality of your product in their social media channels (assuming you have proved that to them)
  • they can connect you to their portfolio of companies

Both of those can generate you a good amount of deals.

Tip: Offer value to the investor up front. Most investors are turned off if you ask immediately to be introduced to their network.

How to get started

  1. gather quality contact data on investors
  2. create templates with compelling arguments
  3. set up calls with investors that replied to your messages
  4. benefit from their connections while offering value in return


There are countless ways to find and engage prospects. Hopefully, this blog post gave you channel ideas to acquire more customers. Here are the main takeaways from this post:

Invest in cold email outreach – cold emails are one of the best ways to target prospects that are looking for a solution to their problem.

Social media outreach and content serving ads – social media platforms for professionals are gaining popularity as sales channels because of their innate networking nature.

Implement referral incentives – word of mouth referring is one of the oldest forms of marketing that is still in use due to its fundamental quality, trust in peers’ advice.

Create thought leadership through Quora answers – a leading position in the Quora section of your industry will warm up cold leads and drive traffic to your website.

Experiment with physical letters – physical letters can work because they are a unique channel in B2B.

Book speaking engagements and event booths – the attendees’ list you get access to when signing up to events is invaluable as a group of potential prospects.

Benefit from investors’ networks – investors can connect you to their portfolio of potential customers.

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