9 ways to lower your B2B Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

CAC, or customer acquisition cost, is a crucial business metric to assess the resources you need to attract new customers and continue your business growth. In a nutshell, if you want your business to expand its customer base and still make a profit, then it is important to understand what CAC entails, its significance, and how your team can calculate it.

6 types of B2B data you need to shorten your B2B sales cycle

Most sales and marketing professionals unequivocally agree that arming cold outreach with personalisation is one of the best ways to capture your prospect’s attention. Personalisation, however, rests on B2B data, as it is this data which helps you to get to know your prospect, segment them according to their similarities and craft targeted messages that would be meaningful to your contacts. 

9 tried and tested cold email templates to generate B2B leads

When you are building or refining your own email prospecting strategy, it helps to see first-hand how others have done it successfully. That is why I compiled this list of tried and tested B2B cold email templates that have proved successful for a lot of our customers. At the end of this blog, you will also find a winning formula for writing that perfect cold email regardless of which template you go with.

12 methods for qualifying your leads and when to use them in your sales process

Did you know only 25 percent of leads are legitimate sales qualified, and 79 percent of marketing leads never convert? Moreover, on average 73 percent of leads are not sales-ready, and 50 percent are qualified but not yet ready to buy. The stats from this study spotlight the importance of prioritising the right leads and letting go of the irrelevant ones to better manage the time of your sales teams. In this post, I will define the process of lead qualification, when to use it, followed by a comprehensive guide into the most effective methods for filtering leads.

16 email subject line insider tips to get 50%+ open rates

In cold outreach, one of the most impactful metrics is open rate. Email deliverability, sender name, even the email preview will impact your performance, but no element has quite as much pull as the subject line. It is no wonder that 47% of recipients open an email by looking at the subject line alone.

15 must watch sales movies [in 2021]

Sales has always been portrayed in movies in a very stereotypical manner. For the purpose of entertainment, some of these sales movies can be hugely enjoyable to watch, on the other hand, other movies show a more realistic and solemn side to sales.The following sales movies span across different decades and showcase the ups and downs of sales. As you’ll see, these films depict what it takes to takes to succeed as well as the stories of those where things didn’t turn out so well for them.