The why and how of outbound sales

In this blog post I breakdown how to structure your sales process into sales development and account management, and some ways that you can automate the process to increase productivity output.

How to find and sell to Financial Services companies

The rate at which the Financial Services industry adopted new digital technologies has been faster than ever before. Although the industry was already heading in this direction, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated these efforts simply out of necessity.

How to sell into the construction industry and get construction companies as customers

The scale of the world construction industry has been on the rise in recent years, and it is now growing at an ever-increasing rate. The construction industry’s market was valued at USD 11.4 trillion in 2019 according to market survey data. Moreover, it is expected that the growth will continue upwards, despite the obvious challenges post 2020. If you are looking to target the construction industry and get construction companies as customers for your products or solutions, this post is for you. In this post, I will outline some of the current trends in the construction industry, and then show you why and how to use outbound sales to target these companies online.

B2B cold outreach trends for 2019 with insights by Litmus

2018 was an important year for the B2B outbound sales world. Both good and bad things happened that forced companies to adapt.
I am going to focus on what we learned last year and predict what the trends will be in 2019. Some of the points are inspired by a webinar hosted by Litmus.

Why copy matters in outbound lead generation and how to do it right

The question here is a simple one: why should I read your email and not any of the other 20 in my inbox? Why should I click on your subject line and not just send the email to trash? Because you convinced me that it would be worth it. How? Through the copy, you’ve used. Just as spoken words make all the difference during calling campaigns, when it comes to outbound lead generation, copy is king. It’s also the only way to differentiate yourself and establish a relationship with the person you’re writing to.