Outbound sales
The hands-off approach to opportunity generation
Get first-rate B2B data and automate personalised outbound sales campaigns to generate opportunities at scale – all from one dashboard.

Eliminate busywork and load up thousands of leads with accurate and freshly sourced data across all variables in just a few clicks.

Get on-demand data with accuracy above 95% and up to 25 variables per contact researched using GDPR adherent methods.

All our data is sourced with near real time accuracy and is in line with GDPR and CCPA at all times to guarantee you a total peace of mind.

Source your prospects the right way
Data Processing as a Service (DPaaS) lets you source contacts with laser accuracy – it’s the surest way of getting the freshest B2B data.
Engage with prospects more efficiently
Create multi-sequence campaigns to automate your outreach across email, phone and LinkedIn – just take over when a prospect is interested.

Build and execute multi-touch sales cadences from a single dashboard and automate personalised actions across channels for complete clarity and control over your campaigns.

Get instant ideal customer profile insights based on previous campaigns. Identify which source brings in the most leads and reach your KPIs even faster.

High-impact sequenced and templated workflows translate into greater sales velocity which empowers your sales reps to hit their targets quicker.

Supercharge your outreach with two levels of personalisation with our static and dynamic placeholders (such as title, department, tenure, industry and much more) and get more opens.

Not sure which of your drafts to send? A/B test them both on a small segment before a full scale execution to maximise your results.

Staying on top of interactions and following up is a piece of cake with hubsell. See the entire relationship history for each contact and follow up or refine your outreach based on past interactions — all from one dashboard.

Personalise your outreach
Increase engagement with your buyers by creating highly personalised templates – our software will auto-generate personalised, one-on-one messaging to send to your prospects.

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