hubsell campaigns is where email meets social, tasks and sales enablement.

The single channel outreach is a sub-par strategy. Join hubsell’s revolution and become relevantly omnipresent.

dynamic multichannel outreach

The market is saturated with noise, making outreach through any one channel a losing game. So, salespeople have to switch between multiple single-purpose tools.

Enter hubsell, we enable you to plan and execute sequential, parallel and conditional outreach so that you can reach your targeted contacts with the right message, at the right time, and through the right channel.

Omnichannel outreach is the necessary evolution of outbound sales which we, at hubsell, are pioneering.

conditionally executed follow ups

True personalization is beyond the scope of just customizing the message content. It needs to take into consideration the entire structure of the campaign as well.

hubsell enables you to plan campaign actions based on several conditions such as opens, accepted connection requests, links clicked and more across single or multiple tracks to achieve true personalization.

The power of our flexible yet scalable campaigns is exactly what sales and marketing departments need.

personalized message content

Static placeholders and mass mailings is common practice among most sales and marketing professionals. The issue is that the market is desensitized to it by now.

hubsell enables you to super-personalize your content by using if-this-then-that technology that makes your message look completely unique and genuine to the contact resulting in higher open, reply and engagement rates.

We are proud to enable 100% message customizability across all channels based on 10+ categorical variables.

humanlike message generation and sending

The days of bulk outreach via email or letters are long gone, it has been overdone. Now, in order to stay competitive, automation needs to be humanlike and personal.

Our campaigns enables you to outreach from your personal accounts to the contacts personal accounts in steady drip rate and random intervals which make it indistinguishable from the same outreach executed manually.

When it comes to deliverability, open and engagement rates, hubsell is setting the standard high.

customers using our product

Rachel Chan

I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team.

Rachel Chan, Digital Marketing Team Lead at Elium

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets