hubsell is your remote SDR with unbeatable skills, scalability and data quality.

Each and every contact provided to you by hubsell is curated, enriched and validated only for your needs.

human powered prospecting

Prospecting is a daunting and a time consuming task requiring months of training and investments in staff. Bulk data is usually of poor quality requiring requalification.

At hubsell, our recruited, vetted and trained researchers use proprietary technology to curate, structure, enrich and validate data resulting in contacts with the highest relevance specifically for your needs.

hubsell takes over the data acquisition so that you can focus your attention further down the funnel.

GDPR adherent data research

With increased regulation from GDPR, business to business sales needs to adjust to the new status quo. The same goes for how contacts and their data are researched.

hubsell contacts are researched in a GDPR adherent method. We provide you with on-demand research where contact information is collected from sources where the information was self-published by the data subject.

We provide highest quality data to our customers, while keeping them adherent to the regulations.

segmentable and categorical data

Having only a few columns per contact minimizes outreach personalization and having only label data makes analysis one-dimensional.

hubsell provided contacts come with at least 20 variables ranging from the simple label data (e.g. title) to more meaningful categorical data (e.g. seniority) allowing high levels of personalization and analysis.

We are proud to enable our users to deliver 100% personalized messages to their target markets.

near real time data enrichment

In most industries contact data decays rapidly and needs to be kept up to date for sales & marketing. Otherwise it prevents triage and prioritization of leads.

hubsell takes the guesswork out of your lead qualification by enriching contacts in your CRM with more than 20 variables. By supplementing your CRM with uniform data you can reliably score leads and set priorities.

Our near real time enrichment is based on human powered research aided by our software providing the best mix of speed and quality.

customers using our product

Brian Donnelly
Synapse Information

hubsell is a completely different, and extremely welcome, proposition for us, because they deliver a service rather than a ‘pay us money and perhaps something might work’ as a traditional sales automation vendor might. Our customer acquisition cost is already at 50% of the figure prior to partnering with hubsell.

Brian Donnelly, CEO at Synapse Information

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets