hubsell enables you to connect all the tools you use for sales in a single platform.

On average any sales & marketing professional uses at least six different tools to remain competitive in the current environment.

CRM integrations

Data entry and activity logging in the CRM system is a time consuming yet necessary activity that sales and marketing professionals would gladly automate.

hubsell sends real time updates to your CRM, ensuring complete uniformity of data in both systems. All activities executed or planned by hubsell are logged in your CRM without having to manually update them.

Connect all of your relevant sales and marketing tools with hubsell and bring all of your outbound to one dashboard.

email and social media accounts

Sending one-on-one messages is key to differentiation when doing outreach, however most commonly deployed solutions are not set up for it.

hubsell provides you with the possibility to sync your mailbox and social media accounts to our platform and do outreach across channels. The outreach via hubsell closely resembles hand-typed messages manually sent from personal accounts.

customers using our product

Florian Teufel
meetyoo conferencing GmbH

hubsell supports us with our internationalization plan within Europe and North America in a cost-efficient way.

Florian Teufel, Head of Marketing at meetyoo conferencing GmbH

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets