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Finally, B2B outreach that works.


Don't spray and pray, instead deploy hubsell’s contextually personalized outreach powered by real-time data, multi-channel sequences and bulk prompting AI.

"AI won't replace sales people, sales people using AI will replace sales people that don't."



The automation vs relevance matrix

You are tired of high volume & low conversion outbound sales

Volume peaked, resulted hit bottom

The last 5 years have seen the volume peak and conversion hit rock-bottom.

Your outreach feels like spray and pray, which does not work. There is simply too much noise.

You want to personalize but it's very training intensive, expensive and time consuming to send unique messages to every contact.

And even if you would be up for it, your CRM and purchased data requires a second and a third check before you can use it.

Cut through the noise with the right personalization written by and based on fresh data

Data is the bed-rock on which all successful outbound campaigns are built.

At hubsell we provide you with B2B data that satisfies our CARVED criteria, which stands for complete, actual, relevant, valid, exact and data-privacy adherent.

The rich data is key in sharing meaning with AI to write highly relevant and 100% unique messages.

Which hubsell then distributes to your ICPs and the personas therein, across email and LinkedIn.

Multiple data vendors vs hubsell

Result: a 2-5X higher engagement rate than templated and bulk outreach.

pipeline generation
uptick in conversion
increase in efficiency

Verhaert 3X their opportunity generation


Staffbase targets 15 markets successfully


Workspace 365 added 100+ opportunities


Elium saved 20+ hours per week of their sales

pipeline generation
uptick in conversion
efficiency increase
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Thanks to hubsell we can reach more people in less time whilst still communicating in a very personalized way as we would do manually.
Laurent Schauvliege
Business Manager, Verhaert
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We use hubsell for enterprise B2B prospecting and sales automation, and it works wonders. Great tool and data accuracy along with solid customer onboarding made sure we achieved ROI in just 2 months.
Deepanker Dua
Director Center of Excellence, Signavio
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hubsell’s automation has enabled us to reach and convert more partners and clients than any other platform or channel I’ve ever used. Our company simply wouldn’t have scaled without it.
Greg Greenberger
International Channel Manager, Spryker
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We have tried several different tools and services, but only hubsell delivers both the functionality and the qualitative data to truly automate the lead generation process.
Anthony Hsiao
CEO, Matterway
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Great product, fantastic support. hubsell has greatly improved lead generation in our organization. A great product with support that really stands out, with the team always going above and beyond to resolve queries in a timely manner.
Cassie Craven
Marketing Executive, Aspire Software
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hubsell is a fantastic B2B sales tool. It is a huge time saver and is better than any other solution we looked at. Would be happy to recommend it to any fellow founders.
David Neisinger
CEO, ArtNight
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I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team.
Rachel Chan
International Marketing Lead, Elium
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hubsell automates the repetitive tasks, leaving the fun part of the work to us. I haven’t discovered a tool that comes near hubsell.
Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist, Workspace 365
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hubsell’s automation gives a maximum return for minimum effort on data gathering and cold outreach. Their outreach functionality is excellent.
Richard Wood
CEO, Safran Software
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I can recommend hubsell, to anybody that uses outbound in their b2b marketing mix. Great customer support, which is helpful and super fast! hubsell is probably the best product on the market to send out highly targeted outbound campaigns. Best: it's GDPR compliant.
Florian Teufel
Head of Marketing, MEETYOO

Simple and scalable

Starting at €1200 per seat per year
Email and LinkedIn outreach
Import your data
1-to-1 automated personalization
Bulk prompting AI
CRM sync and logging
Access to template library
Software + Data
Get a quote based on your needs
Email and LinkedIn outreach
Import your data
1-to-1 automated personalization
Bulk prompting AI
CRM sync and logging
Access to template library
ICP and persona profiling
Near real time data sourcing
CRM data enrichment and refresh
Email to LinkedIn profile matching
Custom data sourcing
Done for you
by our certified partners
Fully managed service
Routine reports
GTM advisory
Dedicated experts
Slack connect channel
Funded by EU
Hosted in Germany
ePrivacy adherent