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How Safran Software lowered their CAC by 30%

Safran Software lowered their CAC by 30% and saved 25 hours weekly using hubsell. They successfully targeted 1000+ account and increased awareness for their brand.
"hubsell’s automation gives a maximum return for minimum effort on data gathering and cold outreach. Their outreach functionality is excellent."
Richard Wood
CEO at Safran Software
Success metrics
decrease in customer acquisition cost
accounts with increased awareness
saved weekly

What is Safran and what does Safran do?

Safran supplies project controls software for managing delivery and risks of any complex projects. Typical customers are in Oil & Gas, Engineering and Construction, and any industrial sector managing complex construction and maintenance projects.

Our software includes full project management, schedule management, and risk management capability in one integrated application. Use of this software allows our customers to plan accurately, deliver on time and to budget. This can save many millions of pounds for complex projects.

Which geographies and industries do you focus on?

We are a worldwide supplier, but with strong roots in Norway where we are based, and in Northern Europe. However, we have a rapidly growing customer base in Australasia, the USA, and many other European countries. We focus on Asset Intensive sectors where complex expensive projects are common, such as Aerospace & Defence, Utilities, E&C, and Public Sector.

How many people are in the company today and how many colleagues are focused on outreach, sales, or marketing? What is your main role?

We are a total of 40 people in Safran, with 25 focusing on outreach, sales or marketing. My role in the company is Chief Executive Officer and I am focused on envisioning the future of Safran and leading its employees to it.

Before hubsell how were you acquiring data and doing cold outreach?

In regards to inbound, we were only using Hubspot. For cold outreach, our salespeople were prospecting and gathering data manually, which took a lot of their time. They were also doing the message creation and sending manually through email.

Why did you stop acquiring data and doing cold outreach in that way and switched to hubsell?

We did not stop the previous methods that we were using. But we did add a new outreach method by incorporating hubsell which has proven to be more efficient and fruitful. The biggest reason for the addition was the time our salespeople saved by using the tool.

Is hubsell providing you with value?

Yes, they are. We are building a pipeline for a new product in new markets, and hubsell is helping us to build a new set of contacts on specific companies and geographies. That enables us to grow market awareness generally as well as specific sales opportunities.

Is hubsell helping your team become more successful? If yes, how?

Yes, we are more efficient now. We are able to quickly build a new contact database to target for both market awareness and sales opportunities. hubsell allows us to do this quickly with minimum effort and time spent by salespeople, and in a very targeted manner.

In a few words what are the most valuable aspects or features of hubsell for you?

Specific targeting of job roles in specific industries. Also, hubsell’s automation gives a maximum return for minimum effort on data gathering and cold outreach.

In your own words, how would you recommend hubsell to a friend or a colleague in your industry?

hubsell is very useful to target specific industries and even companies – the more specific you can be the faster the results. Their outreach functionality is excellent and a good balance for more general outbound and inbound strategies.