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How Sensolus generated a reply rate of 22% and reduced CAC by 30%

Sensolus achieves a 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs while generating a 22% response rate from their ICPs.
"hubsell helps us generate interactions with prospects from various industries, which is crucial to our expansion efforts."
Eylül Eygi
Head of Marketing at Sensolus
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What is Sensolus and what does it do?

Sensolus is an Industrial IoT company. Our aim is to make non-powered assets (trailers, containers, custom packaging, etc.) smart and to improve business processes by gathering IoT data.

Especially if your business relies on complex logistics or if your non-powered assets play a crucial role in your daily operations, it is key to create transparency. With our low-power trackers, you can connect your non-powered assets to the Internet. Sensolus helps you improve business processes of which you currently lack data and insights.

Over the years, we gathered a lot of experience in IoT. What we value highly at Sensolus is studying a use case in-depth to ensure an optimal configuration of our solution, collecting only highly relevant data for your use case. We have one common goal at Sensolus, creating a strong solution suitable for the customer.

In the challenging IoT landscape today, we keep our pioneering position by developing everything in-house. Furthermore, we offer a complete end-to-end solution for asset tracking. Our asset tracking solution gathers IoT data to optimize your business processes.

Sensolus provides an end-to-end solution for asset tracking, including hardware, a cloud solution, a user-friendly web application, and software.

Which geographies do you focus on?

We generally focus on SME and large companies across Europe.

How many people are in the company today and how many colleagues are focused on outreach, sales, or marketing? What is your main role?

In total, our team consists of twenty people at Sensolus, with seven of them focusing on outreach, Sales or Marketing. My role in the company is Head of Marketing with my main task being the management and leading the marketing department to generate leads and opportunities for our salespeople.

Before hubsell how were you acquiring data and doing cold outreach?

We were predominantly using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify and get in touch with potentially interested decision-makers.

Why did you stop acquiring data and doing cold outreach in that way and switched to hubsell?

The key problem was that by just using Sales Navigator we were facing a bottleneck in scaling, granularity in segmentation, and reporting results automatically. An existing customer of hubsell and a trusted source of us told us about hubsell, so we decided to book a demo and learn how hubsell could help. In the end, we decided to go for them and are happy that we did.

Is hubsell providing you with value?

Yes. hubsell helps us generate interactions with prospects from various industries, which is crucial for our expansion efforts. Since our target market is pan-European it is important for us that we have a solution that enables us to rapidly enter and expand into a new market, with hubsell we are able to do this consistently.

In addition to the core use case, hubsell also helps us in clearly segmenting the market and in gathering insights from new customer personas.

Is hubsell helping your team become more successful? If yes, how?

hubsell saves our team tons of time and minimizes our efforts required to achieve results by curating high-quality contacts for our sales team. Secondly, the automated outreach functionality of hubsell helps us get in touch with the contacts provided in a super-targeted way.

hubsell’s team provided us with in-depth customer support to get the maximum out of the software features.

In a few words what are the most valuable aspects or features of hubsell for you?

We operate in a market that requires our pitch to be highly targeted. Prior to hubsell, every message we sent was handwritten, however, that level of dependency on manual work severely limits the scale we could achieve. With hubsell, we are able to segment our overall market into very small pieces. Within those micro-segments, we can still personalize based on the role, seniority, tenure, and gender of the target contacts.

The flexibility of data curation, personalization of the message we send and drilled-down analytics we can see for each of our campaigns are very useful for us.

Is there a specific campaign you were most pleased by? What made it work so well?

Our cleaning equipment campaigns are extremely specific. This is one of the most interesting successes we got out of hubsell together with machine manufacturing campaigns. Normally, the market is extremely hard to penetrate due to 1) the companies requiring a lot of qualifications to identify and 2) the stakeholders being not responsive to cold-outreach. With hubsell, we were able to not only penetrate the market but actually create a repeatable strategy to copy for other regions as well.

In your own words, how would you recommend hubsell to a friend or a colleague in your industry?

I would definitely recommend hubsell to companies who have limited resources and several niche markets.