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How Workspace 365 added 100+ opportunities

Workspace 365 generated 100+ opportunities and lowered CAC by 33% by automating repetitive tasks mastering email deliverability. 
"hubsell automates the repetitive tasks, leaving the fun part of the work to us. I haven’t discovered a tool that comes near hubsell in its segmentation, reply detection and social networks and CRM integrations."
Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist at Workspace 365
Success metrics
new business opportunities generated
60% and higher rate of open rate
reduction in customer acquisition costs

What is Workspace 365 and what does it do?

Since 2010, Workspace 365 boosts people by simplifying work with an adaptive workspace. We bring back focus on what’s important: you and your work. We streamline your workday and empower you to do your work, not just the way that is necessary, but the way that suits you best. We are adaptive, and continue to listen, develop and improve to seamlessly suit your needs. This continuous dialogue helps us to improve, which helps you to improve. Together, we build the future of work.

Which geographies and industries do you focus on?

We focus on Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.


How many people are in the company today and how many colleagues are focused on outreach, sales, or marketing? What is your main role?

We are a total of 25 people in Workspace365, with eight focusing on outreach, sales or marketing.

My role in the company is ‘Product Evangelist’ and my main tasks are creating awareness in the market, attracting new partners and customers as well as teaching partners and customers about the value of Workspace 365 and digital transformation.

Before hubsell how were you acquiring data and doing cold outreach?

Before using hubsell we visited in-person events from IT distributors to reach new partners. We were also very active social network users. Via social networks we already reached people, but hubsell has helped to improve and automate this process. Furthermore, we once bought a list with data that was last updated years ago, so quality was practically zero.


Why did you stop acquiring data and doing cold outreach in that way and switched to hubsell?

Buying a list of data is the worst thing you can do. We bought 200 contacts who gave permission to be contacted, which we then imported into Mailchimp and started a campaign. Our account was blocked within a few minutes.

With hubsell, we are able to connect with people on social networks and to prepare people with messages before sending them emails. As we are partner focused, we have a very specific target group, and by making our target group very specific we have had amazing results with cold outreach.

Is hubsell providing you with value?

hubsell provides us with a lot of value. Without hubsell we would have one person qualifying leads 40 hours per week and not doing anything else. By using hubsell that time has reduced to only 15-20 hours per week, effectively freeing us to reply to emails, schedule online demos and speak with leads.

Is hubsell helping your team become more successful? If yes, how?

We don’t like repetitive tasks, I don’t think anyone does, which is why we appreciate that hubsell automates those repetitive tasks, leaving the fun part of the work to us, the human centric part.

Thanks to many of the great features of hubsell, it has helped us scale our partner network from just 30 partners in the Netherlands to well over 100 partnerships globally.


In a few words what are the most valuable aspects or features of hubsell for you?

The most valuable aspect of hubsell is the integration with social channels. Like most people, I despise spam and hate spammers. I don’t like ‘cold’ email. That is why we use the combination of social network connections, messages and email. We don’t add anyone to the campaigns, we only reach out to people who we think will love to discuss a partnership. 

  • Filter one: our segmentation criteria used by hubsell.
  • Filter two: a manual approval by our ‘Opportunity Spotters.’
  • And filter three: a manual interest check in social network.

The campaigns in hubsell are great. hubsell has automatic reply detection which is very accurate that helps us focus on leads who are interested in our solutions.


Is there a specific campaign you were most pleased by? What made it work so well?

Our best campaigns are reaching out to people who attend the same events. We look at LinkedIn groups for the events and filter out the people who we want to meet and who are likely to want to meet us. We send them a social messages or emails about the event asking to meet up there, where typically we end up setting many appointments and don’t have to do ‘last-minute-networking.’

What kind of conversion rates are you experiencing? And what type of bottom-line improvements did you experience?

We are having great results using hubsell. hubsell increased our scheduled online meetings by 10 times. The team of hubsell is great, they gave recommendations on making messages and emails personalized. Furthermore, it opened doors to more countries as you have no physical barrier in visiting events.

In your own words, how would you recommend hubsell to a friend or a colleague in your industry?

I have looked at many other solutions, and still, sometimes try out new lead generation tools. Up until now, I haven’t discovered a tool that comes near hubsell in its segmentation, reply detection and LinkedIn/CRM integration. Keep up the good work!

The response time of hubsell’s support is amazing as it feels like they are always ready to help you.