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How Elium increased their leads by 25%

Elium increased their leads by 25%, saved on average 20 hours per week and had a open rate above 53% in their campaigns.
"I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team."
Rachel Chan
Digital Marketing Team Lead
 at Elium
Success metrics
increase in lead generation
open rate
saved weekly

What is Elium and what does Elium do?

We’re Elium, a SaaS company offering a knowledge sharing platform for businesses to take their digital workplace to the next level.

We offer teams in mid-sized and large companies a solution to capture information, and store and build organisational knowledge online, so that teams can retrieve information easily and collaborate on projects better.

By having past proposals and key findings easily accessible, Sales teams can improve their success rate on requests for proposals (RFP) by building on each request, learning from their colleagues’ experience and expertise.

Marketing teams can spend less time compiling data and reports, and more time collaborating with their product team and upper management, as we offer the possibility to upload information in multiple formats on the platform easily.

Onboarding and training new employees take time, especially in the Consulting industry where turnover is high and tacit knowledge is difficult to capture and transfer. By capturing this through comments and notes on our platform, the history of a project/client and subtleties can be transferred on to a newcomer more effectively.

Which industries do you focus on?

We focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the management consulting, industry, manufacturing, chemicals, and consumer goods sectors.

How many people in the company today and how many colleagues are focused on outreach, sales, or marketing? What is your main role?

Elium has 40+ employees and we are a total of seven people focusing on outreach, sales and marketing in Elium.

I am the Digital Marketing Team Lead, responsible for lead and demand generation, working with the Sales and Product teams to create personas and work with the marketing team to develop outbound campaigns.

Before hubsell how were you acquiring data and doing cold outreach?

We would purchase lists from trade show providers or directories, upload these lists on our marketing automation tool and run outbound campaigns. Sales would run outbound through tools like GMASS.

Why did you stop acquiring data and doing cold outreach in that way and switched to hubsell?

Outbound lists that were purchased often produced a high bounce rate and the information was outdated and inaccurate. We would not get a high open and response rate as with hubsell. hubsell offers far superior data acquisition in speed and quality. We can brief the hubsell team on a specific prole, and not have to do any work, apart from data approvals, which is our need for quality and quantity contacts for cold outreach.

On top of that, using a marketing automation tool to conduct cold outreach was ineffective, as we would try to mimic a plain text email, but it would still end up in a prospect’s spam/promotions folder and not in their primary inbox. hubsell also offers multi-channel outreach functionality which marketing automation tools do not.

Is hubsell helping your team become more successful?

Yes, I see hubsell as an extension of my marketing team.

In a few words what are the most valuable aspects or features of hubsell for you?

1. Quality and quick contacts sourcing
2. Good technology behind to ensure good delivery rates on cold emails, and therefore higher chance of getting replies, which means more leads for my sales team.
3. Great customer service and even custom developments when needed. A real partner and not just a vendor.


Is there a specific campaign you were most pleased by? What made it work so well?

We were organising a series of events and we were just short of our targeted attendees a few weeks prior to the day. As a final effort to get attendees, we approached hubsell to help us source a specific list of people (job proles in a few specific cities) that were our target persona for the event.

hubsell was able to provide a large enough quantity of people for us in a short amount of time, to whom we ran a series of drip email campaigns that we were able to personalise. Through these campaigns, we managed to generate a few good leads who were interested in the event and brought their colleagues down.

If we had relied on traditional list providers, I doubt we would have gotten any interest in our event or significant opens on our email campaigns, not to mention interested leads.

What kind of conversion rates are you experiencing? And what type of bottom line improvements did you experience?

To our amazement, we have had ~25% more leads generated per month since we started using hubsell.

In your own words, how would you recommend hubsell to a friend or a colleague in your industry?

I’d recommend hubsell as a partner if you’re looking to generate real results from outbound sales & marketing with a limited sales/marketing team. It isn’t the least costly solution in the market when it comes to price per contact, but you know you’re getting quality for the money spent.