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Our heroes and their success stories


How Verhaert built their private database and pipeline with hubsell

Verhaert achieved a 3X opportunity generation through a 60%+ open rate and by being able to hyper personalize their outreach messages with up 90% unique content.
"Thanks to hubsell we can reach more people in less time whilst still communicating in a very personalized way as we would do manually." - Laurent Schauvliege (Business Manager at Verhaert)

Workspace 365 generates 100+ opportunities

Workspace 365 generated 100+ opportunities, reaches a 71% open rate, whilst lowering their CAC by 33%. They do this with hubsell's qualitative data and highly personalized outreach.


Elium increase lead generation by 25%

Elium increased their lead generation rate with 25% by getting more accurate data and doing targeted outreach to their markets.


Jacando saves 20 hours per week

Jacando generated 20+ plus opportunities while saving 20 hours per week. Their campaign hit open rates of 60%.

Staffbase targeted and entered 15 new markets

Staffbase achieved a reply rate of 15.6% and an engagement rate of 3.5% while targeting 15 different markets opportunity.


WeAre cut their customer acquisition cost by 75%

WeAre lowered their CAC by a whopping 75%, while targeting 7 different verticals in their TAM in European markets.


Sensolus generated a reply rate of 22% and reduced CAC by 30%

Sensolus achieves a 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs while generating a 22% response rate from their ICPs.