The only list you will need for the latest and greatest sales podcasts

byAmy Payne

Whatever your role is in B2B sales: sales prospecting, developing your team’s sales processes, or managing your sales funnels, there’s a podcast for you. Advice is delivered by both experienced sales representatives and C-level individuals, often daily.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to gain valuable sales tips while you’re walking, commuting, or making coffee at home. Why not start now?

With a wealth of podcasts available it can be hard to find ones that really appeal to you. This list breaks down some of the most popular podcasts in the sales industry, to find your spark and mentors for 2021.

B2B Sales Questions & Brutally Honest Answers’ by Brian Burns

Brian Burns, the host of the podcasts is also the CEO of B2B revenue and you can connect with Brian on his profile on LinkedIn. You can listen to the podcast here.

Brian shares sales advice in his podcast, which he has gained from years of experience in the B2B sales industry. He has undertaken roles which have ranged from Sales Representative all the way to CEO, which makes this podcast accessible to many roles in the sales industry.

This podcast is very compelling and understandable. It is very easy to keep listening; especially as the episodes are around 10 minutes long and air daily.

Focus is on how to increase productivity, increase sales revenue and engage prospects in outbound B2B selling. Also, how to develop professionally to improve your sales process and close more deals.

Recommended episode: “How to be good at something you suck at”. Great to listen to while setting your monthly goals.

Sales Leadership Show by Brian Burns

Also by Brian, this is a great podcast for leaders in sales, and those who aspire to go higher. Listen here and visit his website here for more information.

Brian interviews sales leaders from various companies and they show you how they got to the top, and how to be a better leader. If you are aiming for a higher position in your company, or want leaders to relate to, this is a great resource to follow.

You can expect to gain knowledge of effective sales management skills for leading your teams and how to conduct business with C-level executives. A lot of other factors associated with being promoted to higher roles are also explored, which makes this podcast useful to those who can relate to the challenges faced as well as how to be prepared.

The discussions are casual which makes this podcast interesting and accessible. The Show airs around weekly and episodes are half an hour in length. Brian also has a free eBook on how companies make decisions available on the website.

My recommendation is the episode ‘How to Work Your Way Up in a Sales Org – B2B Sales Leadership’.

Daily Sales Tips by Scott Ingram

Scott Ingram is the founder of the Sales Success Summit, follow Scott on LinkedIn and listen to his podcast here.

Daily Sales Tips is very insightful, encouraging, and a must-listen motivator. Sales managers and representatives looking to evaluate their sales processes to achieve more closed deals should listen to this podcast.

Invaluable advice on business psychology, how to adapt and increase closed deals is given. Specific advice is given on knowing your sales pipeline, sales process, and how to produce more efficient sales cycles.

Episodes are efficiently around 3-4 minutes each and will grab your attention. They air daily and usually have different guests too. There are also over 700 episodes available.

My recommended episode is ‘690: How to make sales use the CRM – Jeroen Corthout’.

Sales Success Stories by Scott Ingram

This is another podcast by Scott, with lots of expert advice from his Sales Success Summit, which you can find here and more information about the podcast here on LinkedIn.

Lots of expert advice is in this podcast, with both guests on the podcast and speakers at the Summit. This podcast has been aired since 2016, and would benefit many roles including Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

A key element of this podcast is how to continually develop your skills to close even more deals. Advice is provided on how to improve your selling performance, improving your processes and developing the skills needed to undertake successful B2B outreach campaigns.

Episodes are mostly an hour in length but range from 5 minutes to over 2 hours. Episodes air weekly, but Sales Success Summit episodes air daily when the event takes place.

A recommended episode is Live From the 2020 Sales Success Summit’. There are many episodes with lots of expert speakers in the sales industry.

Make It Happen Mondays - B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows

John Barrows is the CEO of JBarrows LLC sales training company, listen to the podcast here and find John on LinkedIn here.

In this podcast, there is in-depth sales strategy and development advice which would benefit those in a range of roles, particularly those starting out as a sales development representative (SDR), but also for sales managers.

Sales strategies in B2B outbound prospecting are compared and how this can increase sales. Particular areas covered include cold outreach strategies, insights, and how to sell your product to senior executives.

Episodes are around 30-50 minutes in duration, but they are uploaded weekly. There are just under 200 episodes that have aired so far. A different guest is also featured in each podcast which is insightful. This podcast is casual but informative, and enjoyable to listen to.

A recommended episode is ‘164: Jason Bay On Cold Calling Strategy’.

Modern Sales – B2B Selling Podcast by Liston Witherill

If you’re interested in the psychology of selling, listen to Modern Sales podcast here. Liston’s LinkedIn profile can also be found here.

Liston focuses on how business psychology can affect your sales process and lead to more closed deals. Modern Sales gives advice on different areas in B2B outbound sales, sales engagement and segmentation to close more deals.

In-depth advice is given but is balanced with an informal yet professional tone. He interviews guests regularly and discusses essential information on improving outreach campaigns success.

Episodes are around half an hour long and are uploaded weekly now.

A recommended episode is ‘128 – [Interview] How to Sell During the Crisis with Jake Dunlap of Skaled Consulting’, segmentation and prospecting in business development.

Sales Gravy by Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is the founder of the Sales Gravy University, and the Sales Gravy podcast can be listened to here. Further information about Jeb Blount can be found here on LinkedIn.

Areas of focus have been adapting your B2B outreach, effective follow-up and personalisation to increase closed deals. Also the importance of finding the lead’s problems before listing product details as a more effective sales engagement strategy.

Jeb’s podcast is professional but relaxed and would be of benefit to sales leaders and new representatives alike. Detailed advice is given but it is illustrated in an understandable and compelling way.

Episodes are mostly around 10 minutes in duration but some can range from around 20-60 minutes. The air around twice weekly, and there are currently over 100 episodes available.

A recommended episode is ‘The 2 Sales Follow Up Superpowers’.

The Ziglar Show with Kevin Miller

Zig Ziglar is highly renowned in the sales world, tune in and learn his advice here and connect with Zig on LinkedIn.

This podcast is a great all-rounder for sales professionals in all roles to learn the basics and refine your techniques. Advice covers sales engagement including how to communicate with sales prospects, and turn them into buying customers.

There’s also great professional development advice for other aspects of your life and interests which can help you to become effective and productive overall. An example is how music can enhance your memory and how to implement the right music into your daily routine. Great tips for a successful life and career.

Episodes are half an hour to over an hour, and there are just under 900 episodes available for streaming right now.

A recommended episode is ‘838: Selling When They Say No’.

Sales Influence by Victor Antonio

Victor is an experienced keynote speaker and author, see his experience on LinkedIn and listen to his podcast here.

Sales Influence is great for those who want to learn more about business psychology and how to use it to increase sales. The style is laid-back, informal and would suit salespeople ranging from more senior management influencing processes to representatives starting out.

Focus is given on the importance of changing and adapting processes to increase sales. Expert advice is given on changing strategies and developing the skills needed to influence. Evidence-based solutions are illustrated well to form the basis of your sales processes and techniques.

Episodes air daily to weekly, and range from around 10 minutes to 2 hours.

A recommended episode is #13 – Sales Enablement with Aaron Evans on Sales Influence(r).

Sales School with Jordan Belfort, AKA The Wolf of Wall Street

You can listen to Jordan’s podcast here and reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Advice would benefit sales representatives starting out, to those who want to continue to improve their pitch, processes and turn more prospects into customers. Jordan’s advice is very well articulated and effective.

Lots of advice is provided on cold outreach, using pain points and how to bring in more sales. Valuable tips are given like the importance of knowing your leads, increasing productivity and segmentation, along with good old-fashioned hard work.

Sales School has episodes aired mostly daily in the region of around 5-15 minutes each.

A recommended episode is ‘The 5 Key Elements of the Straight Line’. This is good for learning about your prospects, how to handle objections and perfect your B2B sales process.

The Tim Ferriss Show, by Tim Ferriss

Listen to Tim’s podcast here on his website and check him out on LinkedIn.

If you find yourself focusing on work too much, listen to Tim’s podcast. He focuses on how to have a successful lifestyle to ensure success at work. This podcast is refreshing and intriguing.

Tim has a different guest in each episode who each brings something unique to the show. There are a lot of A-List celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jamie Foxx who have starred in episodes.

Particular topics Tim’s covered include how to have a successful routine, the importance of keeping fit and having quality sleep. There’s also book reviews and existential explorations.

Episodes are around 2-3 hours and are uploaded weekly.

The recommended episode is ‘#466: Richard Koch on Mastering the 80/20 Principle, Achieving Unreasonable Success, and The Art of Gambling.

Salesman by Will Barron

The Salesman podcast has over 20,000 listeners per episode and has over 500,000 monthly downloads so far… join the competition and listen here. Also, follow Will on LinkedIn.

Will’s podcast has a lot of content and the tone is relaxed making this podcast enjoyable to listen to. There is a lot of humour mixed with top-notch research, which sales representatives to leaders could both share insights.

Areas of focus are data analytics, data-driven decisions and metrics. Furthermore how data should inform B2B outreach processes and how it is related to success. There is also a lot of information on sales development, business psychology and different technology comparisons.

Episodes air for around 40 minutes, but can range from less than 10 minutes to over an hour. They air mostly daily but can be every few days.

Check out the episode ‘Cold Email “Open Rates” Don’t Matter Anymore? Beards Close More Deals?! – TWIS’.

Conversations with Women in Sales with Lori Richardson, in memory of Barb Giamanco

You can tune in to listen here and interact with Lori on her LinkedIn profile.

Each episode features a female in sales, in high-level positions in sales and marketing. There’s also advice from female sales trainers, authors and more.

There is a great deal of advice for females in sales, at any stage in careers. They explain what they do, the challenges they face both in the current economic climate and their experience being female leaders.

There’s also sales and professional development advice regardless of gender. The style is professional, polite and overall is highly insightful and informative.

Episodes are around half an hour each and air around weekly. My recommended episode in ‘70: How News & Data Empower Customers w/ CRO Nancy McNeill, Dow Jones’.

The Sales Hacker Podcast by Sam Jacobs

Sam hosts this podcast here at and is the founder of the Revenue Collective. You can find his LinkedIn here and the Sales Hacker page here.

The Sales Hacker Podcast is like a radio show-style discussion with guests who are sales experts across the industry. It has a very professional and polite tone.

This podcast would be most useful to those keen on learning about scaling including on a large-scale and revenue generation or revops. However, there are useful tips for a variety of different job roles in the sales industry including sales skills development, sales engagement and training.

Episodes air for around 40-50 minutes, but ‘Friday Fundamentals’ episodes are around 6 minutes in duration and air weekly.

One recommended episode is ‘Friday Fundamentals: 101. Ilan Jacobson on the #1 Trait that Drives Successful Sales People’.

Sell or Die by Jeffrey and Jen Gitomer

Find Jeffrey’s published books on his website and follow him here on LinkedIn. Jen is the CEO and founder of Sales in a New York Minute, and you can connect with her here on Linkedin.

Listeners can expect a relaxed approach to gaining advice on a range of topics in sales, with a lot of personal development tips too. You can learn about setting your goals, the power of self-confidence and get some motivation.

Sales advice is suitable for all sales roles and ranges from how to follow-up leads and customers correctly, learning from people who have started their own companies and the importance of being prepared.

The style is informal and will suit sales professionals who want a relaxed podcast and advice on reaching goals.

Episodes are around 10 minutes to an hour, and they air generally weekly since 2016.

Recommended episode: ‘The Art of Sales, the Follow Up, and Closing with Jeff Shore’.

The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak

Art is an award-winning author who specialises in training sales representatives. Follow Art on LinkedIn and listen to the podcast here.

Art is a great coach on how to communicate with sales prospects effectively. A focus in this podcast is how to conduct B2B outreach successfully. He takes you through the correct ways to make cold and warm calls, emails, and communication across all channels. He includes everything from what to say, how to say it, for how long, and why that gets results.

Art goes into the core rules of inbound and outbound sales so it is great for new sales representatives and those who want to perfect their outreach techniques. This is a sales prospecting must-listen.

Guests feature in some episodes, so episode length varies from 5-30 minutes, but can be over an hour. There are just under 200 episodes to get stuck into as well.

A recommended episode is ‘170 This Guy Was TELLING, Not Selling’ as it makes you think about if you may be talking yourself out of some deals.

B2B Growth Show with Timmy Bauer

You can listen to the show here and follow their page here on LinkedIn.

Timmy has guests on the podcast who primarily focus on marketing and sharing their experiences. However, there’s also a range of advice for salespeople on sales calls, negotiation tips and good customer experiences.

You can expect to get lots of advice on how to communicate with prospects across a multitude of channels to increase revenue. There’s advice on good content on social media, in case studies, and more touchpoints.

The style is professional and laid back with lots of valuable insight into the best ways to interact with your ideal customers. There’s also some chat about other topics which makes this podcast informative and interesting.

Episodes are around 5-50 minutes and there’s plenty available.

A recommended episode is ‘Start Using Customer Testimonials That Aren’t All Praise’ with Mark Montgomery.

The Advanced Selling Podcast with Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

This podcast can be listened to here and find their LinkedIn page here.

Bill and Bryan are super-likeable and provide a plethora of advice across roles in the sales industry. The Podcast is humorous yet the hosts are highly knowledgeable.

There is a large amount of knowledge and insight you can get across the sales industry. Advice is given on various aspects of the sales pipeline, sales funnel, and how to close more deals. Examples include but are not limited to: how to make a successful cold-call, sales forecasting and sales prospecting.

The episodes are around 15-20 minutes. Have a listen and get some tips for improving your processes over the next few months. There’s a coaching programme available to help with business growth as well.

A recommended episode is ‘#618: Lead Generation or Conversion? You Pick’.

Other Podcast Choices

  • Sales Leadership (Paul Lanigan)
  • The Transformative Sales Podcast (Rich Wellington)
  • 30 Minutes to President’s Club | No-Nonsense Sales (Nick Cegelski & Armand Farrokh)
  • The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast (Mike Weinberg)
  • Sales Ops Demystified (Tom Hunt)
  • The B2B Sales Podcast (Ara Escobedo & Thibaut Souyris)
  • The Transformative Sales Podcast (Rich Wellington)
  • The Sales Dojo (Leon McCowan)

Get started!

Which podcasts do you prefer, from this list or beyond?

Trying to focus on expert advice outside of long working hours can be challenging. Active listening is a technique that can help you retain more information.

Try to focus on keywords, and summarise what you have heard in your own words. Sharing information and promoting discussions with others is also a great way to remember more.

If you haven’t been inspired by these to create your own podcast, take a look at these alternative B2B lead generation ideas from this list here at hubsell insights.

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