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B2B data on demand, automated outreach sequences and contextual AI.

All in one solution.

the product

Outbound sales is changing. Stay ahead of the curve.


Source your ICPs with zero effort

hubsell enables you to source your ideal customer profile with recent data. Less than a week old at the time of delivery.

We enrich, aggregate and cleanse data from your CRM, your data vendors and hubsell's bespoke data.

Enrich contacts with accurate and recent data

Every contact sourced via hubsell, comes with in-depth and recent information to use in your B2B outreach templates and AI prompts.


Use templated prompts to instruct GenAI

One prompt to rule them all. hubsell enables you to create prompt templates that auto write unique instructions to GenAI.

Imagine having a prompt which can write to 1000s of contacts, each with a unique message.

Approve outreach before it goes out

Based on the unique prompts GenAI writes contextually unique messages, which you can approve or edit before they are sent.