Nilufar Abbaszadah
Jacando AG

I recommend hubsell to everyone who is looking for a scalable way to do cold acquisition.

Nilufar Abbaszadah, Teamlead International Sales at Jacando AG


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Jacando AG customer story with hubsell

What is Jacando and what does Jacando do?

Jacando is a Swiss cloud software provider which stands for innovative, cost-effective solutions in the fields of eRecruiting, as well as employee administration, talent management and time tracking.

With our products, we provide our customers with efficient HR processes, that save time, money and effort. The software is easy to use, comprehensive in execution, can be customised to customer needs and is made by HR professionals for HR professionals.

How many people in the company today and how many colleagues are focused on outreach, sales, or marketing? What is your main role?

We are a total of 40 people in Jacando, with 15 focusing on outreach, sales and marketing. My role at the company is Teamlead International Sales.

Before hubsell how were you acquiring data and doing cold outreach? Why did you switch to hubsell?

We researched our data by ourselves manually which was very time consuming, so we were looking in the market for a more efficient way to acquire accurate data. When hubsell reached out to us we decided to invest in the pilot program which ended up providing us with the right quality data, in a way that was scalable and did not consume time from our team.

Is hubsell helping your team become more successful? If yes, how?

hubsell has helped us improve our new customer acquisition process and be more productive in our sales activities in general. We spend very little time to acquire data because hubsell is providing it, including data on relevant decision makers in targeted companies.

Through LinkedIn connections, we are able to reach out easily to our prospects on a more personal level while remaining adherent to the most stringent GDPR laws in the DACH region.

Furthermore, thanks to the great experience of hubsell’s employees, we learned a lot about improving our campaigns.

In a few words what are most valuable aspects or features of hubsell for you?

Besides the very helpful features like data search, ability to build your own campaign etc. hubsell is providing excellent customer service!

Is there a specific campaign on hubsell you were most impressed by? What made it work so well?

We were surprised by the success of the campaigns in Italy and France. The high-quality data provided by hubsell combined with the flexible outreach software made each interaction a lot more personal, which we believe was the main contributor to the campaign’s success.

In your own words, how would you recommend hubsell to a friend or a colleague in your industry?

I can recommend hubsell to everyone who is looking for an easy way to do cold acquisition, including on an international level. The way hubsell provides both quality data and versatile outreach software is unheard of in their industry and more companies should get on board to reap the rewards.

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Safran Software
Richard Wood

hubsell’s automation gives a maximum return for minimum effort on data gathering and cold outreach. Their outreach functionality is excellent.

Eylül Eygi
Head of Marketing

hubsell helps us generate interactions with prospects from various industries, which is crucial to our expansion efforts. Since our target market is pan-European, it is important for us that we have a solution that enables us to rapidly expand into a new market. With hubsell we’ve been able to do this consistently.

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Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist

hubsell automates the repetitive tasks, leaving the fun part of the work to us. I haven't discovered a tool that comes near hubsell in its segmentation, reply detection and social networks and CRM integrations.

hubsell enables you start dialogue with key decision makers of your target markets