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There is a reason we idolise certain people in our industries. They have accomplished far more than the average person and have guided many people along the years. So, I wanted to write a blog post that would pay homage to the sales influencers of our industry, B2B sales. [...]

The journey of a prospect starts with the subject line. A bad one will bring lower open rates. So, in this post, I will explain what makes good cold email subject lines to get high open rates. And a few important rules to keep in mind. [...]

In a B2B company, sales is what makes the machine keep going. And, a successful sales team is comprised of productive salespeople. So, in this blog, I will examine seven methods to improve the productivity of each salesperson. And the biggest factors that contribute to sales inefficiency. [...]

Salespeople are what makes a B2B company keep going. If they are not effective then deals will not be made and the company will run out of money. A key factor to not let that happen is to hire the right people with the right selling skills. So, today I will examine the essential sales skills to have as a salesperson and why they are paramount. [...]

If you do not get good at closing deals, then all your hard work of getting leads and moving them down to the BOFU will be for nothing. So, in this post, I am going to show you how to close a deal by learning the top skills necessary in the bottom of the funnel. [...]

As a B2B company grows, more leads start coming in which makes it difficult to manage and keep track of them. So, companies tend to look for the best CRM software, which can be exhausting with all the ones available in the market. Therefore, in this blog post, I will analyse the best CRM systems and their benefits. [...]

B2B salespeople are busy, so any time-saving automation is welcome. Unfortunately, a lot of their time is spent on tasks that could be automated. At hubsell, we have gone through the process of automating sales to free up time for more relevant tasks. So, in this post, I want to share seven steps of outbound sales that you can automate. [...]

In B2B sales is what makes the machine keep going. The more deals the sales team closes the better off the company will be. But, there are usually productivity mistakes that sales team commit. Or even parts of the process that can be improved. So, in this post, I will show you how to increase sales productivity and the benefits of doing so. [...]

Multi-channel outreach is outperforming single-channel outreach. That is why only two percent of sales teams are using just email to reach out to prospects. Multi-channel is a rather new method in the B2B world so there are misconceptions about it. So, in this post, I will explain why a multi-channel approach is better and how to do it the right way. [...]

Cold outreach can be an effective channel to find prospects interested in your product. And, there are multiple approaches to reaching out, from low to high aggressiveness. So, in this post, I would like to share with you a few B2B outreach strategies and how to choose one. [...]

The stage of following-up after the first contact can be one of the most frustrating for companies. You put in all the work to get replies from prospects but then none of those conversations lead to anything. I have also experienced the disappointment and have learned a few tricks along the way. So, I want to share those with you in this post. You will learn how to separate types of leads, set sales goals and accomplish them. [...]

Buyer’s anxiety is the hesitation you feel when thinking about purchasing a big-ticket product. In B2B, sales reps need to constantly monitor and appease prospects’ emotions to get the deal done. So, in this post, I will discuss the reasons for buyers' anxiety and how to deal with it like a sales veteran. [...]

At hubsell, I advise customers to avoid spammy outreach behaviour to not get your domain blacklisted. Unfortunately, there are salespeople that do not know of all the guidelines. So, in this post, I want to share with you what is a blacklist and its different types. Also, what can cause your domain to get blacklisted and what to do in this case. [...]

Prospecting is one of the most important steps of successful outreach campaigns. Salespeople can spend upwards of a third of their time gathering prospects. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes in that process that should be avoided. So, I will analyse them and offer a solution for each in this post. [...]

A customer profile is a list of factors that describe the ideal customer. They can be at the company or individual level. In B2B sales, a customer profile is needed to reach and connect with the ideal decision-makers. The process of defining a profile can lead to mistakes, so, in this post, I will discuss why it matters to have a customer profile and its factors. And, how to apply that information to your campaigns. [...]

The skill of giving a demo is one of the most important to have in the process of closing a deal. If the salesperson fails to present the product correctly and handle the objections, then the demo to close ratio will be much lower. We have given many demos at hubsell and made a lot of mistakes along the way. In this post I share our demo structure and why it is so powerful in B2B sales. [...]

To get the best open and reply rates, you need to personalise your messages for the recipient. Dynamic and static placeholders can be used to do that. So, in this post, I am going to show you a few impactful placeholders and why should you personalise your messages in the first place. [...]

Following up after a demo to close a B2B deal can be quite frustrating for companies. That is because SQLs are so close to becoming customers. But, if the process goes awry, then all the time and effort invested will go to waste. So, in this post, I want to share our guidelines for following up after the demo, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. [...]

A lot of B2B companies generate leads through only one channel. But the market is always changing which may impact the efficiency of that channel. So, in this post, I will be discussing seven B2B lead generation channels which you can explore. Those will allow you to diversify your approach and increase revenue growth. [...]

Our best campaigns' messages at hubsell had strong Call to Actions. The job of a CTA is not to charm or convince the reader. It is to confidently and smoothly advance the relationship. However, it is common to make mistakes in the CTA creation process. So, I would like to share with you the top CTA mistakes you want to avoid in B2B cold outreach. [...]

The summer is approaching and professionals tend to take time off to enjoy it with their friends and relatives. So, you may be asking yourself: ‘Will this period negatively impact the results of my cold outreach campaigns?’. The answer is, somewhat. However, it might also be a defining period for your company and its progress. In this post, I will discuss the seasonal factors that impact cold outreach and the pros and cons of reaching out to prospects in the summer. [...]

Companies have to use technology to aid them in acquiring new customers. The average amount of tools that a company deploys is between five to seven for sales alone. Research is often required to identify and trial software in the market to check for company fit. At hubsell I have gone through the same process. So, in this post I would like to share with you the types of tools and some examples that have improved our ROI and efficiency. [...]

In sales, measuring the effectiveness of cold outreach is paramount. Why is it important to have all those metrics measured? To prove the effectiveness of your cold outreach, to analyse what works and adjust accordingly, and to predict the path to the periodical goals. So, I want to share with you the campaign results our customers have achieved and give you an estimate of conversion metrics that you should shoot for. [...]

Research is often required to identify and trial the best software in the market to check if it fits with the company, and at hubsell I have had to go through the same experience. So today, I would like to share with you my favourite types of sales tools to increase ROI. [...]

2018 was an important year for the B2B outbound sales world. Both good and bad things happened that forced companies to adapt. I am going to focus on what we learned last year and predict what the trends will be in 2019. Some of the points are inspired by a webinar hosted by Litmus. [...]

Outbound is a good strategy for growing B2B businesses because it allows them to compete with the more established companies without needing huge amounts of cash. In this post I am discussing the different use cases in which cold outreach can be used to gain new customers, find investors, get favourable pr and more. [...]

Having a successful follow-up strategy when doing cold outreach is a hard task to accomplish, because the structure and content of your outreach campaign, including the follow-up, is impacted by many factors. In this post, I want to address some of the key factors, why you should follow-up and how to do it right in order to maximize your opportunities with prospects. [...]

Cold outreach is a very effective strategy for B2B companies to acquire new customers. However, there are many moving parts in the process and it is easy to make mistakes which we have seen through our customers' experiences and our own. In this post, we are going to explain these mistakes and give you some tips on how to avoid them in the future. [...]

Writing successful subject lines can be a challenge for businesses because it requires a mixture of ongoing testing and a certain expertise in the field. At hubsell we've seen the best and worst subject lines and committed almost all of the mistakes possible. This article consists of our top nine insider tips to help your subject line game go to the next level. [...]

If you are a business to business company, then chances are you are relying on conferences to generate new opportunities and meet potential investors. Learn in this post the tactics that we deployed to get the most out of WebSummit. [...]

Email deliverability and high open rates are key to all email outreach and how it impacts campaign performance. Consider the following: any email that is not delivered into the inbox of the intended recipient will not be opened. Stronger even, the snippet of it will not be seen by the intended recipient. Effectively, those prospects are not part of the overall potential of the campaign. [...]

In this blog post, I will be explaining the importance of a qualitative outbound lead generation process by tackling the consequences of a non-qualitative approach, outlining the dangers of spam and highlighting the attributes of good email copy and how to improve it so that it becomes qualitative. [...]

Are you wondering why the average open and response rates to your cold emailing campaigns are low? A while back I wrote a blog post about the importance of copy in the outbound lead generation and how to do it right. Now, to help you better understand why your cold emails are not converting, I've handpicked some of my "favorite" cold email failures and explained why they're marked as SPAM by Google or/ and by prospects themselves. [...]

Sales automation, in this case, refers to deploying a system that allows you to automate prospecting, list building, outreaching and following-up. Scalability with an automated system is 5-10 times higher than without one because you can increase the volume that you want to target, without the need to hire more SDRs to manage everything, as you would do with cold calling for example. When you’re targeting prospects via automated outbound lead generation the average deal size that you're getting per customer can be increased, something that I'm tackling here point by point. [...]

The question here is a simple one: why should I read your email and not any of the other 20 in my inbox? Why should I click on your subject line and not just send the email to trash? Because you convinced me that it would be worth it. How? Through the copy, you've used. Just as spoken words make all the difference during calling campaigns, when it comes to outbound lead generation, copy is king. It's also the only way to differentiate yourself and establish a relationship with the person you're writing to. [...]

The rules for outbound sales used to be quite simple: the more calls you made, the more opportunities you generated and the more deals you closed. This worked for a while until cold-calling became the norm and synonymous with prospects feeling pressured, stressed and in need of finding excuses to end the call before the salesperson could even say what it was all about. [...]

In this blog post, I want to show you how outbound lead generation and sales development can be used to boost key growth metrics in ways that are not as easily possible through other methods. I will do that by focusing on the above-mentioned case studies that are extremely relevant not only for sales but also for expanding your supply-side stakeholders. [...]

Knowing where to draw the line between sales and marketing is a key strategic decision which heavily influences a company’s growth. This article discusses some of the key considerations related to that decision. [...]

In this post, I'll write about the reasons prospects say no and why their no is not a deal breaker. Then we'll take a look at why it is important that sales people close deals with clients that initially said no. In the end, I'll talk about what to do when the prospect says "no." [...]

As a growing SaaS company every expense you make needs to be scrutinised, because there are several different channels you can invest in in order to generate sales. One of the traps that SaaS companies should avoid is spending money on low ROI activities. A great metric to take as the rule of thumb while determining the ROI is the customer acquisition cost (CAC). [...]

In this blog post I breakdown how to structure your sales process into sales development and account management, and some ways that you can automate the process to increase productivity output. [...]

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